PRECIMET Capsule Gauges

Nominal Sizes: 63, 100, 150mm

Scale Ranges:
Pressure from 0…25mbar to 0…600mbar

Accuracy Class: ±2.0% of FSD

Capsule Gauges:

Capsule Gauges

Standard Features

Pressure Connection: Bottom/Back
63: 1/4" BSP / NPT, 14mm flats
100,150mm:3/8",1/2" BSP/NPT 17/22mm flats

Bottom Direct, Surface Mount, Center Back Direct,
Back Panel, Bracket Mount

Liquid Filling: Dry

Over-Range Protection: 130% of FSD

Enclosure Protection: IP 55 or IP 65

Special Versions / Optional / Extras:
Other Pressure connections
100/150mm: Panel or surface mounting rings
100/150mm: Clamp/Panel or surface mounting


Bourdon Tube (Wetted Part) Material: Copper Alloy / SS 316

Pointer: Black Alluminium

Movement Material: Copper Alloy

Pressure Element:
Material: Copper Alloy / SS 316

Toughened / Safety Glass

Case Material:
Natural Finish Stainless Steel

Bezel Ring:
Bayonet Type Stainless Steel Ring

White Aluminium with Black Lettering