PRECIMET Diaphragm Sealed Gauges

Nominal Sizes: 100, 115, 150 and 250mm

Scale Ranges:
Pressure from 0...1.0 to 0...600kg/cm²

Accuracy Class: ±1.0% of FSD

Diaphragm Sealed Gauges:

Diaphragm Sealed Gauges

Standard Features

Pressure Connection: Bottom/Back
3/8", ½" BSP / NPT

Bottom Direct, Surface Mount, Lower Back Direct, Panel / Bracket Mount, With Capillary / Flange

Liquid Filling:
Dry / Glycerine / Silicon Oil

Over-Range Protection: 130% of FSD

Enclosure Protection:
IP 55 or IP 65


Special Versions / Optional / Extras:
Special Dials (non std ranges, cutom artwork)
Alarm Contacts
Flanged Process Connection per DIN / ANSI
Special Material for Wetted Parts
Special Filling Liquids
Special Diaphragm Material
Special Material for lower part
PTFE Coating on Diaphragm/Flange
PTFE lining on flanges


Bourdon Tube (Wetted Part) Material: Copper Alloy / SS316

Pointer: Alluminium / Spring Steel

Set Point Adjustment:
By means of removable key

Movement Material:
Copper Alloy / SS 304

Pressure Element:
Material: Copper Alloy / SS 316
< 100kg/cm²: C-type
> 100kg/cm²: Coil type

Window: Clear Acrylic

Case Material:
SS 304 / Die-Cast Aluminium Black finish

Bezel Ring: Screwed / Press Fit

White Aluminium with Black Marking